Some people just get the importance of talking to strangers and Malavika Varadan, a radio host for Bollywood Radio Station City 1016, is one of them. She was featured on a TEDx Talk on January 11, 2016. The title of her speech was “7 Ways to Make a Conversation With Anyone.” And she offers quite a useful and creative list of suggestions to follow.

“Every stranger comes with an opportunity,” Malavika says, and this is the core reason it’s important to talk with people. She believes we should ignore that old adage about never talking to strangers.

Here are two good ideas from her list: “be present when someone is talking to you” and “find the me too’s.” The “me too’s,” she says, are things “the two of you share in common,” which could be the mutual love you share for a certain kind of chocolate bar or a place you like to visit.

Another way Malavika suggests you can engage with a stranger is to ask for his or her opinion, but she advises to keep it simple and not “intimidate them.” For example, you could ask “What was the last movie you saw and how did you like it?”

Other bits of advice are to “pay someone a unique complement” and to “remember their name.”

Great advice, Malavika, and you deliver it with such positive enthusiasm!

Readers, take a look at her video and let me know what you think.