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keep it clean

Sometimes you see strangers do strange things. You look at them bewildered and you try to make sense of their actions from their perspective, even though you don’t know their perspective at all.

Today in Walmart, I saw a mother walk into the store entrance with her adorable one-year-old blond, cherubic son and pick out a cart that had a used, balled-up tissue in it. There were many other carts to pick from that were tissue-free so I was sure that she was going to change her mind and choose another cart—but I was wrong. She didn’t appear to be in a rush. I almost got her another cart but they were off to do their grocery shopping before I could act on it.

She put her baby in the upper seat of the cart and smiled at him. He did not look unkempt, but I instantly felt sorry for him. Doesn’t his mother want to protect him from illnesses? Doesn’t she want to protect herself? I watched her push her cart towards the produce section and I was so “grossed out” that I felt relieved that I did not plan on buying groceries.

I wondered what she would do with the tissue once the cart filled up. I hoped her baby would grow up and choose a clean cart.

Something just wasn’t right but I still wished the little boy well and her too. I know it’s none of my business, but it disturbed me nonetheless.