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I’m always looking for stranger stories and so it was a real surprise to come across a woman, Hannah Brencher, whose profession is to write love letters to strangers. What I love about her story is she followed her heart and it led her to an interesting career cheering people up. How fun it must be to find one of her letters let’s say on your chair at Starbucks. Her goodness has spread and now she has a team of volunteers that write love letters.

Her journey began when she was living in New York City after she finished college. She felt lonely and fell into a deep depression. The way she handled her depression is extraordinary. She decided to write “love letters” to strangers. In the process she not only felt better, but she realized what she wanted to do with her life. She pointed out that in her generation, there are many people that have never received a letter. “It’s a paperless world,” she said.

Today, I’m posting her video to honor her. I’m inspired by people like her that follow their hearts not always sure where it will lead them, but taking the risk anyway.

Please leave me a comment if you’ve been inspired by her to write a letter to a stranger or to someone you know or love.

Right now, I’m thinking of some fun places to leave some letters.

Visit her website here-