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The rain was coming down so heavily on my windshield that I knew I would get soaked when I made my run for it into the restaurant whether I had an umbrella or not. I was feeling kind of dreary, rain-induced dreary. You know when your mood matches the weather, even if you wish it didn’t?

Soaked, I stood at the entrance of The Original Pancake House and tried without success to close my shocking pink umbrella. The glass door to the restaurant looked dark and unwelcoming and I couldn’t see through it. Suddenly the door swung open. A good-looking man in his twenties with dusty straight blond hair, faded jeans, and a gray t-shirt was holding the entry door for me. Then, before I could say, “Thanks,” he dashed to the inside door to open it as well, stretching one work-booted foot back against the first door while stretching one arm FINISH…, His three co-workers all in gray t-shirts and jeans laughed at his antics.

“You made my day,” I said to him, smiling as I walked through one door and then the other. He seemed a bit surprised that he made me that happy, but he smiled back. This was a man that often did random acts of kindness, I could tell. Even silly kindnesses. That was even more fun, and I knew many people had benefitted from his goodness. The world was a better place because of him. Suddenly my day seemed better; my mood no longer matched the dark gray sky.